We support our clients in their relations with French and European institutions.

We do so with the conviction that institutional communication is comparable to an industrial process, that is, it must be rigorous, methodical, and adapted.

In practical terms, this means that we analyse the request that we receive in the institutional context of the moment, we establish a strategy to achieve the approved set goal, and finally we implement this strategy, either ourselves or with the support of our clients' teams.

The profile of our consultants, who have all worked in high level positions in complementary fields, ensures that our clients benefit from solid and diversified expertise.

For practical questions, our clients have a single liaison with the firm, but it is a whole team of institutional relations experts who study and work their case with public institutions.

We have succeeded in forging a bond of trust with EU and national institutions because our contacts know we both present them with rigorous argumentation and respect their work.

This systematic approach has allowed us, over the course of nearly thirty years, to be generally heard and followed by our institutional partners.