Institutional communication, also known as ‘lobbying’, is necessary for the development of public policies. It allows a company, a group of companies or a group of citizens (trade unions, NGOs, etc.) to provide the public decision-makers with reliable information on the consequences and the scope of the legislative or regulatory provisions in force or being discussed.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make their position and analysis known to the public decision-maker, who alone has the power to find the right balance.

However, the risks of drift exist, they have unfortunately sometimes been observed in the past.

This is why our firm adopted an Ethical Charter, which each consultant signs at the beginning of his collaboration with us.

We are committed in the exercise of our profession :

  • To comply with all the provisions of the Ethical Charter of the European Association of Public Affairs Law Firms (EPACA, available here, which we adhere to.
  • To refuse to associate ourselves with any reflection, effort or initiative contrary to the laws and regulations in force, having an illegal character or concerning an illegal activity, or likely to be morally reprehensible.
  • To point out to our clients the risk of a conflict of interest, that exists at the beginning of the mission or that appears during the course of the mission. In any case, to refuse any mission that would put the firm in position to defend two clients with competing or contrary interests.
  • To intervene only within the framework of a clear mandate, established with the client and approved by him. Each mandate recalls the existence of this Ethical Charter.
  • To respect scrupulously the confidentiality of all the information received from our mandators.
  • That each consultant in our office be free from any national or European political elective office, any employment in a ministerial cabinet, parliamentary assemblie or the territorial, national or European civil service.
  • To declare, in the contacts established with the representatives of the public authorities, the interests represented by the firm and which motivate the contact in question.
  • To provide directly the services for which we are mandated.
  • To guarantee our clients the independence of the advice we provide, our firm being wholly owned by the associate members who operate there.
  • To provide our clients with the highest standards of efficiency in our procedures, as well as information of quality, reliable, honest and rigorous information.