Created in 1989 in Brussels by Gérard BALLY, "Action Europe" is today one of the most consulted and most associated firms in the decision-making process of the European Union. It is one of the first independent consultancy firms in institutional communication to settle into the heart of the European capital and enjoys a reputation for seriousness and obstinacy with all national and community institutions.

Thanks to this experience, we completed our services and opened "Action Europe Paris", led by Benoit LOMBRIERE.

In addition to meeting the needs of Action Europe BRUSSELS in its relations with national public authorities, Action Europe Paris has grown strongly in one year with clients in diversified economic sectors (banks, consular chambers, sports fields , Food industry, audio-visual industry).

With a cluster in Brussels and another in Paris, we are able to offer our clients global solutions for influence communication, both with the Community authorities and with all the national public authorities (government and parliament).

The profile of our consultants, all of whom have performed high-level functions in very complementary fields, ensures our clients a solid and diversified expertise in all sectors of influence communication.