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Over time, Action Europe has developed solid partnerships that enable it to take immediate action with the governments of Europe's major capitals.

Our history

Initially specialising in companies in the agricultural and agri-food sectors, Action Europe was soon called upon to work with public decision-makers in charge of these issues, as well as those relating to taxation, competition and international trade.

Building on this experience, the firm is continuing to expand, now making its expertise and methods available to all those involved in innovation – sustainable development, new technologies and energy in particular.

Action Europe’s reputation for seriousness and perseverance has earned it a place among the firms most closely involved in the decision-making processes of French and European institutions.

Our obsession with results has enabled us to forge solid, long-term partnerships with most of our clients.

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Our business

If not properly anticipated, new regulations can have a direct impact on your company’s business model, even unintentionally. On the other hand, a strategic approach to your relations with political and administrative decision-makers can be a major factor in your growth.

Over nearly 30 years, we have developed unique expertise in turning your strategic objectives into political priorities:

A rigorous methodology
A rigorous, tried and tested methodology that is transparent, open and based on regulatory expertise.
A committed team of specialists
A team of specialists in public decision-making with high-level profiles, available at all times and extremely responsive.
Collaborative worki and permanent networking
a single point of contact but each member of the team acts on your file at the most opportune moment.
Concrete results
Our obsession with results has resulted in 100% of our customers being satisfied with our services to date.

A committed firm

We can help in crisis situations - imminent regulation that does not take account of your business concerns - or implement a more in-depth lobbying strategy.

Action Europe has sponsored the European Parliament's Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development since 2017, and is a member of the Intergroup's Advisory Council, alongside NGOs, companies involved in sustainable development, research institutes and international organisations.

Our values

Institutional communication, also known as “lobbying”, enables a private player – a company, a group of companies, trade unions, NGOs or associations – to provide public decision-makers with on-the-ground information on the consequences and scope of legislative or regulatory provisions in force or under discussion. We believe that this relationship must be based on rules of ethics and transparency that must be clear and known to all.

This is why our firm has a Letter of Ethics, which each consultant signs at the start of their collaboration with us, and which can be freely consulted here:

Link to our Ethics Charter


In addition to this Letter of Ethics, Action Europe is a member of EPACA, the European Public Affairs Consultancies Association, the representative body for public affairs consultancies working with the European institutions.

Action Europe is registered in the EU transparency register under number 641821114951-46, and declared to the Haute Autorité pour la transparence de la vie publique in France.

Our team